Q : How do I spot counterfeits products and scams about Furygan products ?

- Please be suspicious of websites offering extreme discounts and also those that use direct bank transfer or an international money transfer service as the form of payment.

- Be suspicious of market places with e-shops offering direct shipment from Asia (Alibaba, Aliexpress...)

- Check if the proposed products are included in our current range. Out of the range products that would be available in large quantities cannot be original Furygan products.

If you have been a victim of a such scams, we recommend that you address a complaint to the relevant authorities.

Although we are sadly unable to assist if you have already made a purchase, it would be very helpful if you could make us aware so that we can also submit a complaint against the website in question. 

List of already reported websites/plateforms :

Wish – counterfeit

roamlegazpi.com - scam

furygancuir.fr - scam

Alibaba - counterfeit

Quirion.fr - scam

alicessupperclub.com - scam

These websites have no affiliation with Furygan and are not able to supply the products that they are displaying.

Q: How should I fit my D3O backprotector inside my jacket ?

A : The weavy part, that will help heat from your back to dissipate, and that brings more flexibility to the back protector, shouldn't then be positionned on your back.

Q: For how long is my item under warranty? How can I return my item?

A: Furygan items are under warranty for one year after your purchase date. The receipt is your proof of purchase and warranty; do not lose it!

If you notice a problem with your purchase that could fall within our warranty policy, you should contact your Furygan dealer. They will examine the item and then will get in touch with our after-sales service for the next part of the procedure if they think it is necessary.

Q: Are your leathers waterproof ?

A: Most of our leathers, as a material, are waterproof. But, by the stitching process, holes are made in this material, leaving room for the water to enter. Also, not all the zips are waterproof. So even if most Furygan's leather garments are pretty water resistant thanks to the quality of their leather, as well as the quality of the stitching work, only garments equipped with our 2Win1 removable lining can be be said as waterproof.

Q: What size of back protector should I pick for my jacket?

A: The Central Back type level 1 D3O back protector is only available in one size. However, the Full Back type level 2 D3O back protector is available in sizes 6 (kids), 7 (women), 8 (men from S to XL) and 9 (men from 2XL to 4XL).

Q: Is it possible to get Furygan stickers?

A : Yes. You can receive some stickers if you send us a stamped envelope (international stamp for foreign countries) with your address on it to our head office in Nîmes (845 rue Etienne Lenoir, 30000 Nîmes, France). Please make sure that the envelope format is 162x229mm, as any other format will make it impossible for us to send the stickers.

Q: Are all the trousers and jackets connectable together?

A : Yes. The only restriction applies on connecting men products to women products, and the other way round. If your clothes would not join for any other reason than the aforementioned, please do not hesitate to get back to your Furygan dealer to consider an alteration procedure under warranty.

Q : I had a crash; my garment is damaged, or needs to be repaired. Do you make repairs ?

A : Yes. For this you have to contact your reseller, that will liaise with our after sales service to get a quote. Repairs are made in our Nîmes factory.

Q : Is there a Furygan size chart ?

A : Yes, you can look at and download our size charts HERE.


Q : How do I take care of my Furygan product ?

A : Firstly congratulations for your purchase, and thank you for trusting Furygan. We hope that your garment will bring you full satisfaction. To take care of it and make it last for long, please refer to our “Clothes care advice” section HERE.

Q : A press-stud of my Furygan clothes has broken. How can I get a replacement one?

A : As we care a lot about our customers, and in accordance with our quality policy, we replace for free any defective press-stud during the whole life of your Furygan item. To get a new press-stud, send us an email request through the 'Contact' section of our website, and attach a photo of your item showing where the press-stud is missing, as well as your postal address.

Q : Do you produce made-to-measure and/or personalised leather suits for individuals ?

A : No. All our made-to-measure and/or personalised leather suits are produced by our Racing department and are aimed at Furygan sponsored professional riders.


Q : Do you sell products directly from the factory in Nîmes?

A : No. Although we produce some of the garments at the Nîmes factory, we do not sell from the factory.