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The latest Furygan heated gloves offer an exclusive heating experience.

At the heart of this product, a fabric incorporating Kevlar® fibers captures and homogenizes heat while protecting the hand. Heat is generated by a double wire running from the back of the hand to the fingertips, and its diffusions is boosted by the Kevlar® as well as a touch of carbon - a smart conductor of calories - present in the weave. This energy is captured by Furygan in a glove made of leather and soft shell material, designed to retain heat as close as possible to your skin, delaying humidity thanks to the 37.5®, and protecting your hands in case of a hard blow. With a unique light signature, and a number of features that can be controlled and customised with the "MyFury Connect" application, the Furygan Heat X Kevlar® has been meticulously thought-out to the end.

Sizes XS - XL Technical spec sheet