The competition

at Furygan

Fury Racing

Motorcycle racing,
is our DNA

Since 1969, we have been involved in the competition arena. Takayama, Mortimer, Pons, Baker, Agostini, Jacques, Costes; today Zarco, Torres, Holgado, Dunlop, Mahias, Locatelli, and many others, they are the most fervent expression of our involvement, of our will to always do more. In competition, the panther always bites. All the victories and titles won by our drivers are the best proof of this. But above all, these achievements only reinforce our pride in protecting such champions, in the same way that we protect all those who get on a motorcycle with our panther on their back.

Forged in passion, commitment and a culture of excellence over 50 years ago, Furygan quickly became involved in national and international competition. Thanks to our experience, the support given to our pilots engaged in competition is at the heart of our priorities and has allowed the Furygan Racing Service to increase its record of achievements as well as its notoriety year after year, season after season. Quality and efficiency are the keys of our Competition department, whose truck follows our drivers on the paddocks around the world to provide the best possible service, and an irreproachable maintenance of the equipment, to always guarantee a high level performance. Our custom-made racing suits are entirely developed and manufactured in our Nîmes workshops.

French development and manufacturing

Racing Service

The competition in figures

racing team

At Furygan, season also means competition.

At the beginning of the year, in our Nîmes workshop, we welcome our pilots for the last fittings, adjustments to the millimeter, a final adjustment to the warm-up. It is the effervescence in the Racing Service. It’s a positive pressure around a relationship of trust that is built, season after season, between drivers, model makers and seamstresses, and which allows to maintain a passion synonymous with total commitment.