Furygan, pioneers in

CE certification


Prevent the major risks
of a slip,
or an impact, which can
cause major injuries.

Pioneers in this field since 2011, the Furygan Motion Lab is involved at the European level in the definition of the new homologation standards. These standards define the framework for EPI (Personal Protective Equipment) designed for motorised two-wheelers.

All the tests necessary for the development of our products are carried out according to the different contact areas of the garment, leading to the definition of several levels of protection.

Abrasion, tearing, impact… Each zone must reach higher or lower levels of resistance according to their importance in terms of protection. Zone 1 will be the most exposed, and therefore the most resistant, up to zone 3, which is less subject to risks.


Protection zone

in full swing

4 main standards,
composed of several levels

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